Things to do

Things to do

Lake Bosumtwi is a beautiful natural area with plenty of things to keep nature lovers busy or even just someone looking to relax in a quiet environment. This very unique lake was formed by a meteor which accounts for the very round shape and surround mountains which form the cratter. The water eventually filled in the crater and over the years has been rising and this can be seen by some of the trees that have been over taken by the lake side. There are a number of villages around the lake focusing on agriculture and fishing, they are all very welcoming to guest walking through enjoying the sites.

While you are staying with us you can enjoy some or all of these things:

You can read in relaxation in our gardens with views of the mountains and the lake.

There is horseback riding excursions in the area.

Sun bathe on our beach and cool off in the lake.

You can take a local boat out on the lake to experience what the fisherman do daily for their livelihood.

There are many trails and areas to hike, you can hike around the lake or up into one of the many drainages in the mountains. The really fit will enjoy trying to make it to the top of the crater.